Individual complexes according to your wishes, taking into account your ailments.


An individual set of programs consists of a selection of matrices for your ailments and recommendations from a laboratory specialist for use.
The set of matrix programs with recommendations is your personal course, which will last from 37-47 days and is selected individually for each person, taking into account the wishes and condition of the customer’s body.
At the end of the course, your purchased matrices will remain with you.
You will receive further expert advice free of charge:
which matrices of yours should continue to be listened to further, and which ones should be paused.


No music or sounds of nature can interfere with the transfer of information, regardless of whether you hear the matrix or not, it still interacts with your body. It is based on the scientific method of quantum wave nature and has nothing to do with mysticism.

How to listen to health matrices:

1. Listen with headphones:
Set a sound that is acceptable to your hearing and listen file by file, as recommended.
You can place the headphones on your chest or close to your body and do your usual activities.

2. Listening through speakers, speakers of playing devices.
Set the sound level to an acceptable level.
It is not necessary to increase the volume, but you need to be in the information field of the sound wave.
That is, you should hear a minimum sound level.

People with serious health problems often have to listen a lot. You can get tired of listening, so some matrices have a musical composition superimposed on them.
But still… It is possible to listen to the matrix without physical sound:

3. Listening using a Tor-Mark Rodin reel.

When connected to a sound source (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), the Mark Rodin coil forms a torsion information field.
You don’t hear the sound, but the field itself can be checked by bringing a neodymium magnet to the coil. Using TorFon is very convenient, since the sound does not bother you or those around you.
In addition, the mobile version of TorFon allows you to carry it with you while listening to matrices.

4. Listening using a modulator.

A modulator is a device that allows a sound wave to be transferred by an electromagnetic wave. As a result, you get 2 in 1. Electromagnetic wave therapy with a useful frequency and a sound information field. The devices are stationary.
You can hear the sound modulated by the modulator directly from the Mishin coil connected to the modulator during the session. It’s very quiet, but you can hear it.
The useful electromagnetic wave itself and the sound information field are actually large enough to provide therapy within a range of more than 1 meter.
When using a modulator, it is recommended to set the source audio level to 65-75%.
Set the audio signal modulation depth on the device to 65-75%.