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A modern unique Biolis-Matrix device has been developed and presented, which includes all the advantages of currently available modulators and is devoid of their shortcomings.
This device combines Mishin’s vortex technologies and R.R. Raif. The source of bioresonant frequencies can be an audio frequency generator, MP3 players, etc. in the range of 1 Hz to 20 kHz.
The principle of operation of Biolis-Matrix is the transfer of a sound wave by an electromagnetic wave having about 300 kHz, creating a vortex torsion field of the required frequenc

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Biolis 03-Matrix device

is a resonant sine generator, with the ability to modulate with sound files. Designed as a hardware device.

Inside the case there are:
electronic microprocessor control unit of the device, as well as a sinusoidal oscillation generator. Emitter coils are connected to the device itself using a flexible cable. As well as an external sound source (tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.)
By connecting emitter coils to the device, you can get a physiotherapeutic effect on the human body. At the same time, the principle of operation of Biolis 03-Matrix is to act on altered cells
the human body and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) by electromagnetic and static fields created on flat and toroidal coils tuned to a frequency of 300 kHz.

When using sound programs, amplitude oscillations change (modulate) according to the program that is active at the time of the session.
The device body is made of high quality
environmentally friendly ABC plastic.

in the Biolis03-Matrix device, Universal matrices developed by P.P. Garyaev are used as a modulating signal. And also modulation of the sinusoidal signal shape is carried out using any sound programs, plots, matrices, Rife audio frequencies and so on.

The emitter of the resulting amplitude modulation in the Biolis03-Matrix kit (modulator) is Tesla induction coils; they are also an oscillatory circuit, because both “layers” are not closed to each other. It is essentially a capacitor with inductance and can act as a radiating antenna. All coils are wound in resonance with the generator part in parameters from 280 kHz to 310 kHz. Included in the package for the Biolis03-Matries generator (modulator), etc. Coils of several types and sizes are presented. Also, an additional element is active electric field emitters, which work in a completely different way from the bifilar Tesla coils that have already become familiar to many.
The operating principle of the Biolis03-Matrix device (modulator) is incredibly simple and universal. Can function in two modes: 1-Classic sine waveform generator, 2-Sinusoidal waveform modulator.
Operating mode 1.Classic sine wave generator,
-Connect the device to the power supply.
-Connect the coil according to the procedure you have chosen.
-Turn on the power button on the instrument panel.
-Set the required operating time of the device.
– Set the required current strength by rotating the regulator knob on the instrument panel.

2-Sinusoidal waveform modulator.

– Connect the device in the same way as Operating Mode 1
– Connect the audio source with an audio cable to the device.
– Turn the modulation depth control to 100%.
– Turn the sound source to 100% sound power.
– By placing the coil against your ear, you can hear a quiet beep.
According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the optimal modulation depth is 65-75%
And the optimal volume of the sound source is also 65-75%