Set «Modulator Garyaev P. P.»


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Thanks to the development of science and advanced technologies, a new apparatus has emerged – the Garyaev-Mishin modulator. It is a small device and is able to improve metabolism and increase immunity, which allows you to accelerate the healing of injuries, increase resistance to infections, eliminates problems with the heart and blood vessels, as well as oncology, and starts the process of cell regeneration.

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Indications for use:

– neuralgia;
– neuritis;
– violation of sensitivity – hyposthesia, paresthesia;
– osteochondrosis;
– sciatica;
– migraine;
– neurosis;
– insomnia;
– cardiopsychoneurosis;
– enuresis;
– neurodermatitis;
– acne;
– exudative diathesis;
– itchy dermatoses;
– inflammatory infiltrates;
– hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands;
– cellulite;
– trophic ulcers;
– phlebeurysm;
– fungal and bacterial skin lesions;
– disease of ENT organs;
– inflammation of the oral mucosa;
– vasomotor rhinitis;
– chronic sinusitis;
– diseases of the genitourinary system;
– prostatitis;
– gynecological diseases;
– And so on.

Not recommended for use:
– in the presence of a pacemaker;
– pregnancy;
– near other electronic devices;
– with a large number of metal objects.

Mishin’s coils are based on swirl flow methods, supplemented by Garyaev’s sound matrices, they reinforced each other’s positive effects. The electrostatic field created by Mishin’s coils is modeled by Garyaev’s matrices. Vortex medicine creates the possibility of self-regulation of the body, the effect of the sessions is long-term. Together with the Garyaev matrices, a resonant effect on the cells occurs: weakened – restored, degenerated – regenerate.
The effect of the modulator is completely painless, has no side effects. It can be used at home, while taking a relaxed posture that is comfortable for the patient. The modulator not only treats various diseases, but also has a health – preventive effect.
The Garyaev-Mishin modulator is a small-sized device in a durable plastic case. Inside it are an electronic control unit and an oscillation generator, to which emitter coils are attached. There is a power button, a power switching button, and buttons for setting the operating time on the case. The kit also includes a disk and a torus. The disk is used in the treatment of cavity organs (abdominal cavity, chest, head), the torus – on the musculoskeletal system (joints, ligaments, muscles, etc.).
At the beginning of treatment, it is recommended to use the device for 15 minutes, then the time can be increased. For preventive purposes, 15-30 minutes every other day is enough. The beginning and end of the device are indicated by a sound signal. The kit includes two programs “Immunity” and “Cleansing the body.” For greater effect, it is recommended to purchase individual Garyaev matrices.

Important regulatory functions in the human body are performed by torsion, or vortex, effects. The principles of Linguistic-Wave Genetics are directly related to them, the study of which is carried out by specialists of the institute that is involved in the creation of modulators of the Garyaev matrix by Mishin coils. The principle of operation of this unique device is the possibility of penetration of a static field into the cell with a change in its structure. This is a good alternative to antibiotics and a chance for recovery of patients suffering from various, including serious diseases.


Most of the health problems arise due to improper protein synthesis, as a result of which the metabolism is disturbed and the human immunity is reduced. The result of such disorders is slow healing after injuries, the body’s inability to resist infections, problems with the heart and blood vessels appear, and the risk of oncology increases. The human body wears out quickly and grows old, and thanks to the use of the Mishin coil, which you can order on our website, the cell regeneration process starts.