Audio Frequency File Library


What do the Bible lines mean “In the beginning was the word…”
The word is sound – vibration, mechanical oscillation, or otherwise – elastic waves propagating in space under the action of elastic forces. Oscillation (oscillatory process – vibration) is associated with a violation of the equilibrium state of the system.
The characteristic of the system changes due to the action of the oscillatory process. As a result, a system that has left its equilibrium states becomes another system.
Isn’t it easy to explain the origin of the Universe, the development of material and non-material forms and the emergence of intelligent life? Does this mean that we can change ourselves with sound? External sounds, as well as those emitted by us, affect the biological system – due to the influence of vibrations (oscillatory frequency – waviness), significant changes occur in the structure of biofields. The subtle body is primary. By changing our subtle body, we also change the physical body.


It is a set of audio frequencies collected from Rife’s list of frequencies.
Each file is a 5 minute audio track.
Sound files in the amount of 1094 pieces are 3.63 GB

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How the frequencies sound: sound file example: