Universal programs (Matrix Garyaev)

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Universal programs are wave (spintronic) displays, special spectra, biologically active substances of natural, natural origin. For example, royal jelly of bees, honey, eleutherococcus, wheat sprouts, etc. The sound matrix can be compared to a “cast” taken from a healthy organism using a special laser. The information that the laser reads is converted into sound, the frequency of which is harmonious with the person. The Universal Matrix is ​​a set of sound files and contains recommendations for use.



List of universal programs:
#1 “Correction of the immune system”. The program helps to strengthen the immune system.
No. 2-1 “Correction of the bone system”. The program contributes to the prevention and correction
disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
No. 2-2 “Correction of the cardiovascular system”. The program contributes to the prevention and
correction of changes in the cardiovascular system.
No. 2-3 “Correction of nervous system disorders”. The program contributes to the correction of disorders
vegetative and central nervous system.
No. 3 “Anti-cancer program”. The program is directed against oncological diseases.
No. 4 “Correction of general metabolism and digestive tract”. Program
correction of metabolism of the whole body.
No. 5 “Inhibition of aging”. The program is one of the options for inhibition of aging at the
the current age of the patient.
No. 6 “Men’s Line”. Improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens immunity,
helps with various kidney diseases. Prevents the formation of stones and sand
stones and sand. Affects all pathological processes in the prostate gland.
Affects sexual functions.
No. 7 “Women’s Line”. Activation of metabolic processes, restoring water balance,
getting rid of edema, cleansing the lymphatic system. Elimination of loose skin.
Adjusting the menstrual cycle. Harmonization of sexual organs.
No. 8 “Sight Support”. The program is aimed at maintaining the health of the eyes at large
visual loads, in particular when working at a computer, with bright light, people
elderly people, with dystrophic changes in the retina, myopia, etc.
No. 9 “Restoration of the organism after 40-50 years”. The program is aimed at correcting
age-related changes in the body.
No. 10 “Antiparasitic program”. The human body is an ideal environment for the habitat
pathogenic microorganisms, which are able to affect virtually any organ or
system, causing a number of not always “harmless” diseases. The treatment of such
diseases should be aimed not only at destroying the infestation, but also to
but also to restore the function of the damaged internal organ. We propose to include in the treatment
treatment method of wave action on parasites. It is a complex
impact on the entire body, has no side effects. Therefore, it is indicated for both adults
and children. Listening to sound programs, a person gradually gets rid of parasites
and, at the same time, the body is cleansed of their products.
No. 11 “Slim figure”. Activation of metabolic processes, metabolism, restoration of water
balance, getting rid of edema, cleansing the body. Restoration of the hormonal background.
No. 12 “Against Allergies”. The program is aimed at maintaining the immunity of the human body.
body, strengthening its ability to resist allergens.
#13 “Youth and Skin Health”. The program is aimed at improving the condition of the skin, its
rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, activation of natural protective mechanisms of the skin.
No. 14 “Wave immunity against viruses”. The program is aimed at strengthening immunity,
fighting viruses.
No. 15 “Against Smoking”. The program is aimed at fighting nicotine addiction.

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Program №1 – Correction of the immune system, Program №2-1 – Correction of the bone system, Program №2-2 – Correction of the cardiovascular system, Program №2-3 – Correction of disorders of the nervous system, Program №3 – Anti-cancer program, Program №4 – Correction of general metabolism and work of the digestive tract, Program №5 – Inhibition of aging, Program №6 – "Men's Line", Program №7 – "Women's Line", Program №8 – Vision Support, Program №9 – Rehabilitation of the body after 40-50 years, Program №10 – Antiparasitic program, Program №11 – "Slim figure", Program №12 – "Against allergies, Program №13 – Youth and skin health, Program №14 – Wave immunity against viruses, Program №15 – Anti-smoking, Program №16 – Normalization of the genitourinary system, Program №17 – Recovery of the body after 70 years, Program №18 – Against alcohol addiction, Program №19 – Cleansing the body