Mishin’s Flexible Coil



Vortex technologies do not stand still – the manufacturer of devices “BIOLIS”, having taken over from the natural scientist of these technologies Mishin Alexander Nikolaevich, continues to research and introduce innovations in this direction.

Mishin’s Flexible Coil creates a UNIQUE SUPERPOSITION OF MAGNETIC FIELDS, but already in the folded and bent parts of the body, the “Flexible Coil” creates fields resembling a ball. The spectrum of its effects becomes more concentrated and penetrating, which allows you to achieve good results on bendable parts of the body: joints, neck, spine.

By purchasing the “Flexible coil” in combination with classic coils, you get the MAXIMUM possible options for exposure to electromagnetic and electric fields. Stimulation of the body with the coils described above is akin to the effect of hardening or the correct adoption of bath procedures. In this case, the body getting into an extraordinary environment (electromagnetic and electric fields) naturally enhances immunity and resistance, which has a healing effect. Also, pathogens, viruses, harmful bacteria, having a ring formation, falling into these fields, which operate at a frequency of around 300 kHz, are destroyed without causing any side effects to a healthy body.

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