Matrix „Veselka“(Phallus impudicus).


Veselka(Phallus impudicus) is a multifunctional mushroom used to treat a number of diseases…


Veselka(Phallus impudicus) is a multifunctional mushroom used to treat a number of diseases, but its most important value lies in its unprecedented antitumor effect. Veselka’s polysaccharides cause the body to produce perforin, which kills cancer cells: it makes holes in the cell membrane and the cancer cell simply dies. Perforin thus prevents them from dividing and forming a tumor. Already on the 10th day of intake, the active ingredients of the raw material stop the growth of cancer cells.



It also contains phytosteroids, which are similar in effect to male sex hormones. They strengthen the body and reproductive system and enhance male strength.



With the help of Veselka, diseases are overcome:



Gastrointestinal tract: ulcer, gastritis.



Joints: radiculitis, rheumatism, gout.



Genital organs: papillomas, mastopathy, cervical erosion.



Heart and blood vessels: thrombophlebitis, heart failure, varicose veins.



Skin: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis.

Endocrine system: diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology.



Nervous system: depression, chronic fatigue.



Regular consumption of veselka is a good prevention of many chronic diseases.



Attention: Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 5 years.

Listening to the matrix does not exclude attending or taking part in exams

treating doctor.


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