Matrix Colloidal gold.


Коллоидное золото служит не вызывающим привыкания антидепрессантом при лечении зависимости, тревоги и депрессии.

В лабораторных условиях суспензия наночастиц золота показала способность бороться с патогенными микроорганизмами, такими как бактерии, вызывающие:



Colloidal gold serves as a non-addictive antidepressant in the treatment of addiction, anxiety and depression.

In laboratory conditions, a suspension of gold nanoparticles has shown the ability to fight pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria that cause:




The information and energy flow in the body is based on the flow of electrons. Colloidal gold influences these flows and balances them. Freely penetrating cell membranes, it acts as a conductor of electrical signals.

By normalizing the electrical potential, it starts the healing process in all organs of the body. Renders:

Anti-inflammatory effect;

Improves concentration;

Increases memory;

Strengthens intellectual abilities.

Experiments conducted in the USA showed interesting results. Taking the drug increases IQ by 20 points. True, after the precipitation of gold colloids, IQ gradually returns to its original value.

Preparations containing colloidal gold are credited with many healing properties. A simple example is rubbing a gold ring on the eyelids for conjunctivitis or styes, a practice that our grandmothers knew about.

Preparations containing nanogold particles are used to treat:

Hormonal disorders: menopause, infertility, hypothyroidism;

Loss of strength;

Mental disorders: depression, phobias, anxiety, restlessness;

Gastrointestinal diseases;

Circulatory system: hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances;

Degenerative changes in joints: gout, arthritis, rheumatism;

Rheumatoid arthritis;




Addictions: alcohol, smoking, drugs, overeating.

Recommended as a prevention of dementia and as a means of restoring overall internal balance. It is believed that taking supplements can cleanse the body of toxins and pathogens.

In the morning, as soon as we wake up, we listen to the Colloidal Gold matrix, you can repeat it a couple of times, you can listen the second time at any convenient time, or limit yourself to one listening per day.

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