Kit «BIOLIS-03 MAX+»


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The “BIOLIS-03 MAX+” kit activates all the hidden reserves of the body: the pituitary gland, working capacity, concentration, memory, during mental stress, it helps applicants, graduates, and schoolchildren. Restores the hormonal composition of the body. With allergic rashes, skin inflammations: eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, burns, scars, abrasions, etc., without cicatricial healing. With stomatitis, ulcers of the oral cavity. Activates energy centers: 3, 5, 7 chakras, reflexogenic zones. cosmetic effect. Improves skin condition.


The set “BIOLIS-03 MAX+” today is the maximum set in the whole line of produced equipment “BIOLIS”. This set includes all possible magnetic, electromagnetic, electric coils, both classic developments of Nikola Tesla and modified novelties + 2 coils MISHINA-RODINA 130 mm and 200 mm Buying this set, you certainly get the full range of possible effects of torsion fields. And also do it with maximum convenience for yourself and your loved ones.
The non-contact inductive method is based on scientific conclusions of famous scientists of the last century. Nikola Tesla, George Lachowski and Raymond Rife discovered the positive effect of resonant electromagnetic fields (waves) on perturbed cell membrane potentials. However, this phenomenon had not been used in practical medicine for a long time because
Due to the lack of technical capabilities. Since 2016, the development of resonance therapy system of non-contact inductive physiotherapy has become widespread.
Inductive therapy is performed using special electromagnetic inductance coils (“coil”, “loop”, “belt”, etc.) that are applied to the patient’s head or projection areas.
Inductive therapy is the basis for activating and more optimally utilizing the self-regulation mechanisms of the human body. Due to the ability of the organism to memorize the received yeses, the effect from the sessions of this therapy lasts for a long time.