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Coil “double labyrinth” + active spikes.

Active emitters of an electric field, working in a completely different way, from the Mishin / Tesla bifilar coils that have already become familiar to many.

The device consists of active elements “thorns”, working in conjunction with the “double labyrinth” emitter. A high AC voltage with a frequency of about 300 kHz is supplied from a step-up transformer – a capacitive torus (the winding of the torus is made of expensive, high-quality MGTF wire (copper stranded with fluoroplastic insulation) – this option significantly improves the parameters of the coil and, accordingly, increases the strength of the electric component of the field (” statics”), the electric quality factor of the coil (in the low-voltage version) is approximately 110-120). The effect is due to a strong electrostatic field generated by both emitters. In one half-cycle, a positive potential is applied to the spikes, a negative potential is applied to the “double labyrinth”, in the other half-cycle, the polarity is reversed. If the emitters are located on different sides of the body, a powerful “pumping” of the therapeutic electric field occurs. Each of the emitters can be used separately (connection through connectors allows you to do this), but the combined use greatly enhances the therapeutic effect.

The design of the spikes uses the method of electrotherapy proposed by V.D. Ragel, but improved and developed at a new level by Alexander Mishin.

A new, improved version of active emitters “thorns” with the “Flower of Life” mandala. It is essentially a phased antenna with electric field emitters in the form of pointed spikes.

The Flower of Life mandala is one of the oldest symbols of sacred geometry, which combines religious and mythological ideas about the world order. The meaning of this figure is multidimensional. This pattern is also sometimes called the “seed of life.” It has the ability to harmonize space and structure the energy flows around itself; such a mandala has an extremely positive effect on a person. How else can such beauty work? 😉

The combination of active spikes and a mandala in one device enhances the healing effects of both.

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лабиринт 22см + шипы 22см + повышающий тор, labyrinth 22cm + spikes 22cm