A set of electrodes for contact bioresonance therapy


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Electrodes for contact antiparasitic bioresonance implemented in the LIVE SINUS 6 generator in accordance with the recommendations of A.N. Mishin to improve the efficiency of this technology.

Working with contact electrodes: antiparasitic bioresonance zapper mode

Switching on the generator in contact bioresonance mode.

The generator is switched on to work with contact electrodes by pressing and holding down for 3 seconds the red “POWER” button. When the generator is switched on in this mode, 4 short beeps are heard with simultaneous synchronous blinking of the timer LEDs – it is a warning for the user that a bioresonance therapy (BRT) session will begin and contact electrodes must be applied to the body (or taken in hands), pre-wired to the generator output connector on its rear panel. Further, the LED indication on the front panel of the generator turns into “walking”, with a frequency of 1 time per second (timer LEDs) – this is a sign of a started session.

Session recommendations

The duration of one session with standard settings is approximately 7-8 minutes. Typical application of the device:

session: 7-8 minutes ;
break: 20 minutes
session: 7-8 minutes ;
break: 20 minutes;
session: 7-8 minutes .

It is recommended to conduct BRT sessions at the same time “plus – minus” two hours.

For better contact of the electrodes with the body, you can either slightly moisten the skin in the place where the electrodes will be applied, or wrap the latter with a damp cloth.

During the session, a slight tingling sensation is possible at the points of contact of the electrodes with the skin, which is normal and does not pose any danger. It is caused by the flow of a weak electric current. Typically, this tingling sensation is felt by people with sensitive skin. In such cases, you can wrap the electrode with a damp cloth or paper to increase the contact area. At the same time, the absence of such sensations is also completely normal. The efficiency of the device does not depend on the presence or absence of any sensations. You can check the presence of voltage on the electrodes by touching both electrodes to the tongue (the most sensitive part of the body) – you will feel a slight tingling sensation.

The position of the electrodes on the body can be any, but it is not recommended to keep them too close to each other, because in this case, the therapeutic effect can be reduced. The most common and simple options are to hold the electrodes, one in each hand, or one electrode in the hand, and the other under the foot (keep the electrodes according to the scheme: left leg – right hand, and then change: right leg – left hand).

Prophylactically for health purposes, it is recommended to undergo a 2-3-week course of daily use of the device in bioresonance mode for both adults and children, and then conduct BRT sessions once every 1-3 days. In the case of serious chronic diseases, BRT sessions should be performed twice a day for at least a month.

It is necessary to understand that even complete suppression of the activity of pathogens for a certain time does not guarantee automatic recovery, because with weakened immunity, re-infection and activation of microbes and parasites easily occur. The device, suppressing the activity of pathogens, provides a respite to the body’s defenses, giving them the opportunity to recover and complete recovery.

Restoring immunity is a fairly long-term organic process. A systemic use of the device is required to bring immunity to a qualitatively new level, although in most cases even a single use of it brings a tangible improvement in well-being for a certain time (from several hours to several days in case of chronic diseases). At the same time, it is necessary to continue to comply with all medical recommendations, if any, and, of course, try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Possible complications: complications during BRT may be associated with the manifestation of intoxication due to the rapid death and release of decay products of pathogenic organisms into the blood. To reduce the manifestations of intoxication syndrome during a pause and during the day, an increased intake of liquid (1-1.5 l) is recommended, preferably low-mineralized purified water.

A temporary exacerbation of the underlying and / or concomitant diseases is possible (similar to that described in the section on working with Mishin’s emitters), which is an indirect confirmation of the correct therapy.


– pregnancy;
– the presence of a built-in pacemaker;
– use with caution in case of heart disease in the stage of decompensation.

Persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases (especially arrhythmias) or pronounced neurovascular dystonia are not recommended to hold the electrodes in their hands (both at the same time) or apply one of the electrodes to the heart area. If unpleasant sensations arise, it is recommended to change the position of the electrodes.

More detailed information in the book: Hilda Clark: There are no incurable diseases. / Per. from English Kramarenko I.M., Ksenofontov A.B. – SPb .: Future of the Earth, 2003.- 336 p.

Important Notice: The contact electrodes are made of chemically pure copper, which itself has bactericidal properties. It is strictly unacceptable to use electrodes made of metal alloys such as brass or stainless steel, which may contain toxic impurities (lead, chromium, etc.).

Electrode voltage level, default settings

The level of the signal amplitude on the electrodes during the BRT session can be selected from 3 fixed values. Switching, as when working with Mishin’s emitters, is made by short pressing the red “POWER” button on the front panel of the generator, while the color indication on the generator panel changes:

green – minimum level;
yellow – middle level;
red is the maximum level.

In the generator’s default settings, the bioresonance mode covers the maximum possible frequency range (rectangular signal of positive polarity with a frequency from 10 kHz to 900 kHz). These settings are universal and will suit the vast majority of people for preventive and therapeutic sessions. If desired and necessary, all parameters of this mode can be easily reconfigured using the “Live Sinus Pro” program for Windows: frequency range, number of periods of swing, number of periods in antiphase (“shock”), discreteness (step) of frequency change, total number of cycles and waveform. In addition, for convenience, you can activate the reminder function of the end of the 20-minute pause between sessions.