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Production and sales:

  • OOO “Belyi Kvadrat”
    ADDRESS: 350012, Krasnodar, Krasnyh Partizan street, 109 office 59
    Phone: 89892302525
    OGRN code 1112308003290
    TIN 2308177798
    Gearbox 231101001
    account 40702810726000016860
    c/c 30101810900000000556
    Southern branch of AO Raiffeisenbank
    Krasnodar city
    BIC 040349556
    Director: Manturova Olga Vladimirovna

Delivery service (logistics and warehouse):

  • Businessman: Dmitry Gnusin
  • TIN: 07285345
  • International Identifier: CZ7211262564
  • Location: Czech Republic

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Mishin Coils

“Vortex technologies”, the principle of operation of the device is the name of the method of influencing the human body: Non-invasive (non-contact) induction (high-frequency) therapy (physiotherapy).

The principle of operation of the apparatus of non-invasive induction physiotherapy “Misha Coils” is the effect of electromagnetic energy on body tissue. The non-invasive induction therapy device consists of a generating sinusoidal circuit, which creates a current with a frequency of 250 … 350 kHz, and a resonant circuit (flat coils of different sizes, which must be tuned to the same frequency.)

“Mishin’s coils” generate an electric field and a magnetic field of a high-frequency vibrational current with variable fields, which have a physiological effect and produce a favorable therapeutic effect.