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The pads (Mishin Spikes) on the Mishin Coils are made in two sizes: for coils with a diameter of 14 cm and 22 cm.

The technical result of using the proposed device is to increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect at the cellular level due to directed radiation and the depth of its penetration.

In fact, the “Overlay” (Mishin’s Spikes) in combination with electromagnetic field therapy devices can be considered as a phased array (PAR) – this is a group of emitters (in our case, cloves) in which the relative phases of the signals change in a complex manner according to a certain law so that the effective radiation is amplified in the desired direction and suppressed in all others.

The pad (Spikes Mishin) on devices with an electromagnetic field – refers to physiotherapeutic devices made in the form of a needle applicator designed to interact with electromagnetic field therapy devices. The main function is the conversion of the electromagnetic field into static, with an increase in the coefficient of directional exposure. It can be used for therapeutic purposes in sanatoriums and in domestic conditions.
Needle applicators for electrostatic therapy, in most cases, are made in the form of an elastic base of a radial configuration with impact elements in the form of metal needles fixed at the base, the tips of which extend beyond the base and form the working side of the applicator. The needles, as a rule, are made with means for fixing the needles in the base. With thickenings located at the base and ensuring the reliability of fixing and fixing the position of the needles.

An example of these needle applicators is the applicator Lyapko N.G., known from the Ukrainian patent for utility model No. 60, IPC A61N 1/18, A61H 39/08, filing date 26.11.1996.
The applicator contains an elastic base of a given spatial configuration (in particular, in the form of a round sheet). The needles are made in the form of studs (rods, with a head at the end of the rod). On the working side of the base protrusions are made. Carnations are installed along the axes of these protrusions. The protrusions cover parts of the studs that extend beyond the base.
The device contains a base made of an elastic material, with cloves fixed in it. Each clove has a thickening at one end and a point at the other. Thickenings of cloves in the form of a flat base are located in the body of the base and are the means of fastening the studs in the base .. The base material is a two-component, transparent monolithic polyurethane compound ADV HP-40 cold-cured. TU 2257-147-22736960-2013

Ready-made polyurethane compound ADV-KhP-40 refers to low-hazard material, explosion and fire safety. Does not emit toxic substances during normal use.
A distinctive Pads (Mishin Spikes) on the Mishin Coils is an improvement in the technical capability that the utility model solves when interacting with electromagnetic field therapy devices.
The objective is to expand the arsenal of technical means for physiotherapy by developing a new device for implementing the treatment method by exposure to an electric field of high frequency, low voltage and low current strength.

Adopted by the Office. The provision of public services begins on the day the application for a patent for a utility model is received. The term for the provision of public services is 17 months and 2 weeks, counting from the date of receipt of the application. The indicated period may be increased in cases provided for by clause 13 of the Administrative Regulation. The application is registered and is pending. The application was assigned the number 2019143525 (084394) dated 12/23/2019.

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