Socket according to the Avramenko plug scheme


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Technical characteristics:

The device “Socket” is assembled according to the scheme of the Avramenko plug. Designed to connect a microwave oven and other appliances. The maximum allowable current is limited by the housing manufacturer and is 16A, 3.5 kW. During prolonged heavy load, a large amount of heat is released, for the dissipation of which a radiator is installed. The photo shows an example of a connected heater with a power of 1.5 kW, while the radiator temperature reaches 63 degrees. When the microwave oven is 600W, the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. It is not recommended to leave this device on the network without using connected devices, because there are elements in its circuit that consume electricity and without connected devices.
Instructions for use: Plug the appliance into the mains, connect the microwave oven, after cooking, be sure to disconnect the appliance from the mains. More details about the operation of this device are given on the channel Surzhin V.N., Anton Zorin, etc.

The methodology of application is to plug an extension cord into the outlet of the device, to include devices in it (the total load should not exceed 800 watts) — a computer, tablet, mobile phone charging, TV, slow cooker, bread maker, microwave oven. All devices begin to emit light, thermal, electromagnetic field with right-spin spin polarization, which supports biological life on Earth;

— All products and water that have been processed in such devices become environmentally friendly, with natural energy, ideal in taste, easily digested, have high efficiency and at the same time the amount of food consumed decreases; food becomes medicine;

— Cooking should be carried out in standard modes;

— To ensure the structuring of products, process them in a microwave oven for 10-30 seconds at a power of 700-800 watts; bread and vegetables should not be heated;

-Treatment of liquids, water, soft drinks and alcohol should be carried out for 10-15 seconds at a power of 600-700 watts.