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Lamp of the right-spiral torsion field, the closest analogue of the Surzhin lamp. This lamp is charged with the energy of the Viton-IPM device for at least 12 hours. The lamp operates in two modes, at constant voltage and alternating on the first half-cycle of the sinusoid. Base GU 10, power 2x35W, can optionally be equipped with 2x50W lamps.

A device for photon information-active spin-field personalized initiation of auto-correction of the functional state, designed to initiate auto-correction and balance in the body and space of viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins, as well as to restore the body on energy, genetic, cellular, organ levels.

The difference between the budget version of the lamp and the expensive one is the case of electrical components, the first is plastic, the second is aluminum, the second allows the use of 2×50 watt lamps. By default, the first and second options are equipped with 2x35W lamps

Device and principle of operation:

The spin-polarized radiation of the device is similar to sunlight, which ensures the formation of the so-called vitamin D in the body (this is the spin-polarized energy in the body, which ensures its integral functioning).

During the spin structuring of water, all information-structured globules, consisting of many hundreds and thousands of single molecules, fall apart in it, all molecules twist and acquire the right natural spin, all substances that have a left spin are destroyed: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, their toxins, radioactive particles, mechanical impurities and even soluble salts precipitate. Only informationally pure structured water in the form of single molecules can instantly penetrate into the cell of the body through the membrane and provide metabolism, water-salt metabolism, its division and energy production in it, eliminate dehydration of the body and its aging.

It is necessary to consume only informationally pure water in an amount of at least one liter per day with the addition of NaCl salt in an amount of 0.9 g / l (physiological saline) to a glass. One glass of structured water provides the body with a daily dose of antioxidant and blood thinning.

Water structured by the apparatus. becomes natural informationally active “living” water, it is similar (fractal) to the energy of the Outer Space (God) and through it, according to the resonant-wave principle, information and energy of God, the Sun, the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field enter the body. Thus, the divine task of water on Earth is realized.

Mode of application:

1. Main. In the morning after sleep 30 min. and in the evening before going to bed 30 min. Course 45 days. Additionally, the reception of informationally purified water, listening to the IFC.

2. Raising the energy of a person, cleaning and restoring three energy channels (past, present and future): direct the light of the lamp in the “~” mode to the patient, rotate the lamp, lower it down to the ground, lift it up through the patient by 180⁰, then lower it down again to the ground, do this scan repeatedly for 2-5 minutes. Do this in front and behind.

3. Cleansing the chakras and restoring their rotation: direct the light of the lamp in the “~” mode to the left of the patient and transfer through the body to the space to the right of the body and hold for one second, do this repeatedly for 2-5 minutes, raising the light from the bottom of the legs up up to the head, circle the light around the head at least 12 times, directing the light down.

Energy supply to the human body and its pumping out: direct the light of the lamp in the “~” mode on the patient’s body or on the desired organ and rotate the light at any distance clockwise, looking at the body for 2-4 minutes, clean, remove energy in the same way by rotating the lamp light counterclockwise for 1-3 minutes from the back side.4. The cleaning of the subtle energy system of a person and his karma, the setting of energy protection is carried out by describing with light repeatedly in succession such figures:
– two eights intersecting in the center, crossed out crosswise;

– an equilateral triangle, inside a cross;

– a horizontal figure eight, starting from the bottom and going up (done at the end of the session to consolidate the results achieved);

– clockwise description of a large circle around the human body;

– distance and approach of the lamp to the body in the required place at a distance within the range of the movement of the hand (energetic cleansing of the body through and through);

– description by light around the head of at least 12 circles, directing the light to the ground (setting energy protection from the effects of extraneous energies and influences)

Energy-informational cleaning of space, rooms, places of sleep, things is carried out by scanning the volume of space with light along the cross and describing the figures according to claim 4. Pay special attention to corners, closets with clothes and shoes, beds with sick people in the room, to do this, install the lamp light in the right place for 5-10 minutes. If possible, it is necessary to clean the entire apartment, the entire house and all rooms. The energy of the lamp’s light penetrates through walls and objects after a certain time.6. The improvement and normalization of the functional state is ensured by systematic work with all organs in the body. The body is an integral system, so do not focus only on the diseased organ, the cause of the disease may not be in this place.When initiating autocorrection of the body, the following processes are possible:
— restoration of the energy-informational field (aura) of a person;

— cleansing of karma, erasing the cause of the disease, eliminating energy bindings;

— initiation of autocorrection of activity in the organs of inflammatory and chronic processes that are associated with the presence of parasitic microflora in the body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths and their toxins;

— destruction in the organs of stones, sand, salt deposits, cholesterol, vasoconstriction;

— detoxification and removal of all “toxins” from the body;

— the passage of recovery and regeneration processes in the body at the cellular, genetic, organ, neurophysiological, functional and mental levels;

— restoration of energy-informational connections within the body and energy-informational exchange with the energy of Outer space, the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field (these energies provide biological life on Earth);

— with a healthy spirit and body, a person receives self—realization, initiation by the Holy Spirit, rebirth, which ultimately means “nourishment by the Holy Spirit” – the energy of God, your body connects to an infinite source of energy that provides your health, well-being and joy of existence.

When initiating autocorrection of the functional state of the body, it is possible: suppression of parasitic microflora in the body, restoration of energy, aura and functional state of the body at the gene, cellular, organ, neuro-physiological levels, restoration, unloading of the immune system, suppression of inflammatory processes, anesthesia for injuries, wounds, bone fractures, wound healing, bone fusion, restoration trophic muscles, vascular patency, elimination of dysbiosis, osteochondrosis, deposits of salts and stones in organs, blood thinning, increasing vascular elasticity, improving the condition of the skin, eyes and vision, normalizing the metabolism of water-salt metabolism, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, restoring the subtle energy system and energy-information exchange with space, restoring the biological integrity of the body and its control systems (brain structures), rejuvenation of the body according to the new DNA and improving the body.

When working with the light of the lamp, it is necessary to wear clothes made of light fabric or it is better to work on an open area of the body as follows:

— take the lamp in your hand, turn on the necessary mode of operation, bring the lamp closer to the desired place on the body at a distance of 5-10 cm and slightly rotating the light clockwise warm up this place for 1-4 minutes to a state of pleasant warmth, then take the lamp to a distance of 30-50 cm and illuminate it for 10-15 minutes if you are lying down, put the lamp next to the chair and direct the light to the right place (do not work with the lamp in bed and do not put it on the bed – it is a fire hazard!); in one session of 30-60 minutes, consistently work out all the organs in the body in front and behind from the toes to the head, you can work 1-2 times a day;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes, leading to the destruction of stones and sand in the kidneys and gallbladder, is carried out for 20-30 minutes at a distance of 20-30 cm on the modes “-“, “0” sequentially;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes, leading to the suppression of fungi on the toes and hands, is carried out on the modes “0” and “-” sequentially for 5-10 minutes, warming up the place as long as you can tolerate;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the suppression of psoriasis should be carried out on the “0” and “-” modes sequentially for 10-20 minutes without overheating the skin;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the suppression of glaucoma, cataracts, inflammation in the eyes, detachment and adhesions of the retina is carried out by local heating, and then put the lamp in the “0” mode at a distance of 50-100 cm. Look at the lamp with open eyes, blinking periodically and moving your eyes for 2-5 minutes, at the beginning of the procedure, you can close your eyes and occasionally open them, looking at the light. As you clean your brain, you will look at the bright light with your eyes open;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract is carried out by warming up and lighting the abdomen for 15-30 minutes on the “0” and “-” modes and taking structured water with salt and additives of bitter spices;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the suppression of trichinosis (osteochondrosis, adipose veins, nodes in the thyroid gland, compaction in the chest, in the muscles), is carried out locally by effective heating (without overheating) on the modes “0” and “-” sequentially for 5-10 minutes;

— the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the suppression of other types of helminths should be carried out similarly.

Getting structured water and food:Direct the light of the lamp to the food in the “-” mode for 30-60 seconds, drink structured water before eating 1 glass each, adding a little salt, drink 1 glass of non-cold water immediately in the morning, adding a little water, water and food stored in dishes made of natural materials.1-10 minutes to carry out energy-informational cleaning of premises, things and any other objects. The spotlight also provides activation of the growth of plants and animals, increases their productivity, removes parasites and eliminates diseases.
Safety precautions

— To avoid fire, do not work with a spotlight in bed.
— Don’t put it on the bed.
— Do not direct the spotlight on flammable objects (the temperature of the spotlight can reach 1000 ° C).
— Beware of burns.
— Replace blackened lamps with new ones.
— Avoid bumps and falls of the device.
— The presence of children in a room with a working spotlight is allowed only under the supervision of adults.

If the fuse burns out, replace it with a new one in the fuse connector.

Attention! Manual assembly.

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