Sinus Generator Electro-Therapy Module («Health matrix»)


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The “Sinus Generator Electro-Therapy Module” is a very simple but effective electro-medical device. Based mainly on the research of Dr. R. Clark Heald, and also similar to Voldemar Ragel’s instrument.
It allows you to effectively treat both acute and chronic diseases, in the etiology and pathogenesis of which parasitic, bacterial and viral infections play an important role. In this case, infections can be either obvious, open, manifesting, such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia, etc., or hidden. So, for example, in any form of oncology, the presence of an intestinal parasite in the patient’s liver, the trematode “fasciolopsis baski”, is detected. The clinical efficiency of the device is very high (more than 90%), subject to the method of its application. This type of therapy is combined with any of its other types, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeotherapy, acupuncture, etc. The module, when used correctly, is effective in treating the following diseases: any acute infectious diseases such as influenza, SARS, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, etc. etc., chronic and recurrent infections, latent infectious and parasitic diseases.

Researchers have shown that a weak pulsed current also kills parasites in the body.

Contraindications to the use of the module are: pregnancy and the presence of a pacemaker in the patient (cardiac arrhythmia), the presence of a pacemaker, chronic nervous breakdown. In the presence of an indefinite formation, it is undesirable to apply electrodes to this part of the body. The application of the module is made taking into account the recommendations of the doctor.

Main technical characteristics:

– the module converts alternating current into direct current while maintaining the frequency of the generator 280-340 kHz and amplitude (7-8 V)

– in AC mode amplitude (12-24 V)

— power supply of the module from the alternator.

Contents of delivery:

— AC~DC conversion module, 2 hand electrodes, transport bag.

Checking the functionality of the module and electrodes.

In the good condition of the module, when mode 0 is enabled, more than one LED does not light up. When mode 1 is enabled, both LEDs light up. When mode 2 is enabled, the red LED lights up. Checking the performance of the electrodes is carried out when connected through the TOP (accelerating transformer). To do this, disconnect the electrodes from the module and connect to the TOP, which in turn must be connected to the generator. Grasp the plastic part of the electrode and touch the contact patch. The built-in LED at the top of the electrode should light up. This indicates that the electrodes are in full working order.

Operating procedure.

The module is connected to the generator via the coil connector.

The position of the button in mode 0 means that the module is disabled. Switch position 1 means “AC” mode, both red and blue LEDs light up. Switch position 2 means “Constant current” mode, one red LED lights up.

The electrodes required for therapy are connected by cables to the module. In this case, polarity must be observed – the blue flexible input on the electrode, also known as “negative”, must match the blue flexible input on the module. And, accordingly, the red flexible input, also known as “positive”, on the electrode must match the red flexible input on the module.

Method of application of the module.

In case of acute diseases, the following procedure is recommended:

We turn on the module in mode 1 “alternating current”, having previously connected it to the generator. On the generator, set the time to 15 minutes, the current strength is 25%. Hold the electrodes in your hands for 15 minutes. Polarity does not play a role in this mode (any electrode can be held in any hand). As a rule, no sensations arise in this case due to the smallness of the voltage on the electrodes. At the end of 15 minutes, the generator will beep and turn off. Turn off the device and take a break for 20-30 minutes. Turn on the device again and select the mode for 15 minutes and the current strength of 50%. Hold the electrodes in your hands for 15 minutes, then again break for 20-30 minutes. Last switching on for 15 minutes, turn the current strength to the 25% position.

Three times with interruptions is a must! A similar procedure should be repeated every 2 hours at least 2-3 times.

In the case of chronic infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as in the presence or suspicion of latent infections, two procedures are performed daily in mode 2 “Direct current”. Electrodes are taken in both hands – an electrode with a red flexible input in the left hand, with a blue flexible input in the right. Or an electrode with a red flexible input under the left leg, and an electrode with a blue flexible input in the right hand.

The procedure time is assigned on the generator – 15 minutes or 30 minutes. The current strength in mode 2 does not play a role (any).

The duration of the course of treatment depends on the severity and duration of the disease and ranges from 7 to 14 days with a daily procedure according to the scheme: 15 or 30 minutes, then a 20-minute break, and again 15 or 30 minutes. If necessary, repeat, with a minimum break of 3 weeks.