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  • Blanket-envelope electromagnetic

    The blanket-envelope has the ability to connect to any type of generator. Consists of hypoallergenic material, equipped with 6 coils of MGTF wire. One of which is active, connected to the generator. 5 others have passive electromagnetic induction with a potential of 20%. The coils are tuned to a resonance of 300 kHz. Size Blanket-envelope […]

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  • Kit «Live Sinus 5 BT»

    “Live Sinus 5 BT” kit with universal coil (3 in 1).< / strong> The set includes a multifunctional signal generator “Live Sinus 5 BT” for any variants of Mishin, Tesla and other coils (the best device in Russia at the moment — both in terms of characteristics and functionality, and in terms of price/quality ratio).

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  • Set No. 5 MAXI


    generator with Bluetooth-module for communication with a smartphone / tablet;
    large universal coil Mishin;
    large set “Maze with Mishin’s active spikes”.

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