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  • Kit «BIOLIS-03 MAX»

    Kit «BIOLIS-03 MAX» today is the maximum set in the entire line of manufactured equipment “BIOLIS”. This kit includes all possible magnetic, electromagnetic, electric coils, both classic developed by Nikola Tesla and modified new items. By purchasing this kit, you certainly get the entire possible range of effects of torsion fields. And also do it […]

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  • Kit «BIOLIS-03 FULL-M»

    «BIOLIS-03 FULL-M» kit — a magnetic field coil in combination with an electrostatic field coil make it possible to experience the full range of effects of both electric and magnetic fields.

    This kit is the best purchase for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

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  • Mishin’s Flexible Coil

    Vortex technologies do not stand still – the manufacturer of devices “BIOLIS”, having taken over from the natural scientist of these technologies Mishin Alexander Nikolaevich, continues to research and introduce innovations in this direction. Mishin’s Flexible Coil creates a UNIQUE SUPERPOSITION OF MAGNETIC FIELDS, but already in the folded and bent parts of the body, […]

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